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Emotional Video – Betty and Michele’s Wedding in Florence

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First shoots

Before making the emotional video of Betty and Michele’s wedding we met them to take some pictures and filmed some scenes. This meeting with the bride and groom permit us to know them better and to create a video which reflects their tastes and preferences.

The bride and groom

Betty and Michele are a beautiful young Italian couple. They moved to Great Britain to the breathtaking London, but they decided to get married in Tuscany in the charming Florence.


To create the video and photos of Betty and Michele we chose very fascinating places in the heart of Tuscany. We have been attracted by the beauty of wheat fields and vineyards of the farm Casalvento near Cerreto Guidi and by the splendid panorama of Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, centre of culture and history, where their wedding took place.

The bride prepared herself in a beautiful room with frescoes in the Hotel Tornabuoni and then we moved to Palazzo Vecchio for the ceremony. The party took place in the splendid Palazzo Borghese.

Talking with the bride and groom

Talking with the bride and groom is essential.

Understanding what kind of couple we have in front of the cameras permit us to reflect them in their wedding video and help us to express in the video their feelings, their emotions, their mood and everything that they feel during their wedding day.

Congratulations to the groom Michele for the creation of the beautiful soundtrack!!!

Here are some pictures of the days before the wedding:

Some pictures during the wedding day:

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