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Wedding in Tuscany, Daniele and Diletta

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In the province of Siena in the famous and beautiful San Gimignano, where it is possible to taste the real Tuscany, we spent an entire day with Daniele and Diletta, a young wedding couple.

This photo shoot has allowed us to get in touch with Daniele and Diletta who, with their harmony and cheerfulness, let us to achieve our goal of capturing original pictures for the photo album and the video.

Here are some pictures taken waiting their wedding day.


The wedding day of Daniele and Diletta has come and we have accompanied them with our enthusiasm for the entire day.

We started from the preparation of the bride and groom who were quite excited.

The ceremony took place in the church of Castelfranco di Sotto, where there were many relatives and friends waiting for them.

The groom surprised everybody arriving on board of a powerful Quad, whereas the bride arrived on a old black Beetle.

After the ceremony, we moved to the little hamlet Terricciola to spent some time with the bride and groom. The casual meetings with nice people and the alleys of this hamlet made our video and our photo shoot unique.

The wedding party took place at “La Vallata”, where many friends and relatives made their day unique and unforgettable.

Waiting the video trailer, here are some pictures of the wedding day of Daniele and Diletta.

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