Lorenzo and Elena, wedding in Villa Grabau

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Lorenzo and Elena, wedding in Villa Grabau

A magic atmosphere was created by the crystal clear water of the white beaches and the enchanting place of the party, Villa Grabau which is the beautiful location chosen by Lorenzo and Elena for their wedding day.

In Fucecchio, birthplace of Indro Montanelli, we firstly followed the preparation of the bride and groom and then we moved to the central Church of Santa Maria delle Vedute where the ceremony took place. The church was prepared in a masterful way by Dolphy’s Weddings.

After the ceremony we reached Lucca, Villa Grabau, where we waited the newlyweds.

We filmed their arrival from above with our drone to have suggestive images of the beautiful white Excalibur which accompanied Lorenzo and Elena.

The day of the couple passed with relatives and friends in a succession of events.

An enjoyable atmosphere was created also thanks to the musical accompaniment of the sax and the violin played in a modern twist, which characterized all the party including the surprising change of dress of the bride.

Here is the video trailer of Lorenzo and Elena’s wedding:

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