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Wedding Video in Tuscany

To create the video and the photo shoot of your wedding in the best way we look for a harmony with the bride and groom since the first meeting to understand which kind of couple we are working with and to be able to transmit their way of being into the video and the photo album.
We make the video following every moment of the wedding, focusing on each detail: the church lights and the effects to employ during the shooting. In addition we organize times and movements based on the distance between the different locations of the wedding.
We usually make a sort of video interview before the wedding to know anecdotes about their story and shoot images of the places and locations which will be part of the final video.
We spend the whole day of the wedding with the couple because it is an unique and unforgettable event, in order to show into the video and the photo album the same emotions and sensations felt that day.

Wedding Trailer Adriano & Dalila, Tenuta Quadrifoglio, San Gimignano (SI)

Wedding video Trailer Adriano & Dalila: After getting married at the Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta a Chianni in Gambassi Terme (FI),...

Wedding Chiara & Alessio, Corbinaia Estate

Wedding video Trailer Chiara & Alessio: At the beautiful Corbinaia Estate, Chiara and Alessio celebrated their wedding after getting married...

Cesare & Cristina’s Wedding, Pisa Piazza dei Cavalieri

Cesare & Cristina, celebrated their wedding in the beautiful Church of Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri situated in Piazza dei Cavalieri,...

Iacopo & Luana, Massini Estate (Tuscany)

Here is the Trailer of Iacopo and Luana’s wedding: Inside the Massini Estate Iacopo and Luana got married, the ceremony...

Wedding Luca & Ilaria in Corbinaia Estate, Tuscany

Here is the video trailer of Luca and Ilaria’s wedding in Corbinaia estate: In the beautiful Corbinaia estate, Luca and...
Luca Ilenia Wedding cover

Luca and Ilenia’s Wedding in Colleoli, Tuscany

Luca and Ilenia’s Wedding, in Colleoli, Tuscany Here is the Video Trailer of Luca and Ilenia’s Wedding:

Federico and Livia’s Wedding, in San Gimignano

Federico and Livia’s Wedding, in San Gimignano Here is the Video Trailer of Federico and Livia’s Wedding:

Alessandro and Lisa’s Wedding in Tuscany

Alessandro and Lisa’s Wedding, in Tuscany Here is the Video Trailer of Alessandro and Lisa’s Wedding:
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