Video trailer – Felice and Valentina’s Wedding

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Video trailer – Felice and Valentina’s Wedding

A wedding organized in detail, thanks to the guide of Angela Giuntini Wedding Planner.
The video starts as always from the preparation of the bride and groom, in which it is possible to feel the anxiety and the emotion that precede the ceremony.
The ceremony occurs into the Abbazia dei Santi Salvatore e Lorenzo a Settimo in Scandicci, an abbey which dates to 10th century enhanced by the set-up of “La Boutique Del Fiore Di Barbara Setti”.
To create the video during the ceremony we have utilized three cameras with cinematic sensor. Two of them were arranged at 180° considering the position of the bride and groom and the other camera was in a central position. Therefore it was possible to have different framings to use during the video post-production.
After the ceremony, two video operators stayed with the couple filming some images around the abbey and the third video operator reached the location “Villa il Petriccio”  among the hills of Montespertoli to catch the details of the set-up and the welcoming cocktail.

The party started after the arrival of the newlyweds, followed by our cameras alternating the employment of the Slider and the Steadycam, which are fundamental equipments to create a video in a cinematic style.
The magnificent villa and the music of “Sandro e Valentina Suonart” are the background of our video offering us a beautiful scenography.

The video of Felice and Valentina’s wedding ended in a magic atmosphere offered by the historic centre of Florence by night. A long walk through the City of Renaissance between works of art and street artists made the video of Felice and Valentina unique and original.

To realize the shooting we used the artificial lights of the city combined with a little support of our lights Lupo led in order to maintain the charm of Florence by night.

We greeted Felice and Valentina in the fascinating Hotel Four Season, where the spouses spent their wedding night.

Here is the Video trailer of Felice and Valentina’s wedding. Enjoy it!

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