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Italian Business Video – SteelModa Fustelle e Design

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We have been contacted to realize a video for a historic company in the Tuscan territory: SteelModa Fustelle e Design.

The storyboard of this Italian Business video:

From the first surveys inside the company, we have decided to tell and to highlight the craftsmanship of this specific profession because it is mainly a handmade production.
The storyboard of this video takes the cue from the idea that this kind of work can be seen as an authentic form of art. For this reason in the video we illustrate the realization of a complex and beautiful hollow cutter in the shape of a lily, symbol of one of the most beautiful and important cities of art all over the world: Florence.


The shooting has started in Florence and then it has continued inside the SteelModa, where we described the entire process from the drawing and the realization of the model to the making of the finished hollow cutter, everything under the guidance of the artisans, who give, through their own manual skills, an added value to the final product.
The SteelModa Fustelle e Design will participate to the next edition of Linea Pelle to transmit to the world (through the video too) the competence and the passion for their own work.
The creation of this video through the different phases of the production has been made using cinematographic lenses assembled on our video camera Canon C100, utilized both with the Slider Smartsystem and with the Gimbal Dji Ronin.
We have utilized Xeen lenses connected to EF 50mm, 24mm and 85mm, in addition to 100 Macro and 16-35mm Canon L series.
In the video we can listen one of the owners who illustrates the technique, the passion and the art which are fundamental in his own work, giving to the video itself a life experience and a great emotion.
Any kind of work, profession or activity can describe a life experience to be known and shared through a video.

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