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Indro and Elisa: Wedding in the “Antica Fattoria di Paterno”

Videoprovettorato > weddings in tuscany > Indro and Elisa: Wedding in the “Antica Fattoria di Paterno”

Indro and Elisa, Wedding in the Antica Fattoria di Paterno

Indro and Elisa, a couple from Fucecchio and “Insuesi” Doc (from the upper part of the town), got married in their beloved city of Fucecchio, the birthplace of Indro Montanelli, into the church Collegiata di San Giovanni Battista in the heart of the historic centre.

After having followed them in the preparation we accompanied them to the church where the touching ceremony took place.

After the ceremony and the exit of the majestic front door of the church we moved to the Fattoria Paterno in the heart of Tuscany through the hills of Montespertoli.

We followed the arrival of the newlyweds along the tree-lined avenue from above with our drone and at the same time with a camera positioned inside the car.

Here is the grand entrance of Indro and Elisa between friends and relatives into the breathtaking location of the Fattoria Paterno. Walking around the estate we filmed our clips alternating camera movements, panning shots and small details, catching a typical sunset of the Tuscan countryside.

It was then a succession of events which characterized the whole day of the bride and groom between songs and dances thanks also to the presence of a live band.

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