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The video trailer Wedding of Luca and Francesca

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Luca, a boy who lives in the magical Florence, used to spend his summer holidays to his grandmother in Massarella, in the heart of the Padule of Fucecchio, where he met Francesca.

A fortuitous meeting that changed his life forever.

Since they were children, they grew up and have achieved their goal together: the wedding.

Waiting for that day we have followed them through the streets of the beautiful and beloved Florence, capital city of art and culture in the heart of Tuscany, of which some scenes have been used for the initial part of our video trailer.

The video continues showing the wedding day and the unexpected tour on board of the famous little boat along the canals of the beautiful Padule of Fucecchio, destination of many pilgrims during the whole year.

This video trailer is a result of a perfect mix between images, music and location that you do not expect, especially thanks to Luca and Francesca who, without realizing it, managed to convey all their harmony.

The wedding party took place at the Poggetto Resort in Pieve a Nievole, Pistoia.


Video: Giancarlo Vettorato
Here is the video trailer of Luca and Francesca’s wedding.

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