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Video report Nautical Rescue Dog Unit

We realized a promotional video report with the UCSN – Unità Cinofila Salvataggio Nautico (Nautical Rescue Dog Unit) to give them the visibility that they deserve.
The video images from above have been made using the Drone DJI, whereas the images taken from the sea have been made from a raft using our Gimbal for stabilized video DJI Ronin, making a dynamic, engaging and action-packed video.
Thanks to MILA, a beautiful example of Golden Retriever, we plunged into the world of the sea rescue.
Fascinated by the way they operate along the Tuscan coast and by the beauty of MILA, we have caught every moment with images on the shore and in the sea, alternating them with little interviews to the members of UCSN.

To create our video we have utilized the following equipment:

Video camera c100 mark 2
Lenses Canon series I 100 macro f 2,8, 16-35 f 2,8, 50mm, 1,8
70-200 f4 stabilized
Drone dji phantom 3 pro
Dji ronin video stabilized
Slider smartsystem
Tripod Manfrotto

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