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Video and photos – Luca and Eleonora’s Wedding San Miniato Pisa

Videoprovettorato > weddings in tuscany > Video and photos – Luca and Eleonora’s Wedding San Miniato Pisa

Wedding video in Tuscany

The first images of the wedding video of Luca and Eleonora have been taken in their house, where we caught the intense emotions during the preparation.

Then we moved to the splendid church of santi Martino and Stefano in San Miniato Basso (PI), where we filmed the ceremony.

The first part of the party and the wedding lunch took place in the Tenuta di Bacco in Petroio, Vinci (FI).

After that we moved to another location: the ancient borgo of San Miniato Alto. The bride and groom collaborated with the video operators and the photographers during the various poses, walks and different framing.

The bride and groom reached a beautiful wheat field near San Miniato Alto. Using the drone DJI Phantom Pro 3 we obtained beautiful aerial images. The GH5 Panasonic and Canon C100 Mark offered us magnificent pictures which can be used in the wedding video.

In the end, Luca and Eleonora came back to the Tenuta di Bacco in Petroio for a magnificent outdoor dinner surrounded by a breathtaking landscape among the Tuscan hills which was the ideal for nice photos and videos.


Before the creation of the wedding video of Luca and Eleonora we visited the location for the wedding party. The bride and groom chose the Tenuta di Bacco in Petroio, Vinci (FI), in the heart of the Tuscan hills. We visited the wine cellars and all the splendid estate with the couple. After an accurate analysis of the location, our crew discussed what images to capture in order to create both the trailer and the wedding video in the best possible way.

Visit to the wine cellars

During our visit, the bride and groom took us to see the magnificent wine cellars placed under the farm. From the first moment we have been impressed by the wide possibility of shots, framing and camera movements.

First pictures

During the visit to the estate we collected video material through the employment of our video camera Canon C100 Mark II and the drone DJI Phantom Pro 3. This pictures and the short videos are useful for an accurate study of the places and to give a first impression of the final wedding video.

Talking with the bride and groom

Talking with the bride and groom is essential

Understanding who we have in front of the cameras let us to create a video tailored for the couple and it help us to show in the video their feelings, their emotions and their mood during the ceremony and the party.

To realize this video we utilized the following equipment:

Video camera C100 Mark II

Video camera GH5 Panasonic

Lenses 70 – 200 f4 stabilized

DJI Phantom 3 pro (Drone)

DJI Ronin

Video camera Sony Alpha 7s

Slider Smartsystem

DJI Osmo

Gopro Hero 4

Lenses Canon series I:

  • 100 macro f 2,8
  • 16-35 f 2,8
  • 24- 105 f4

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