Enrico and Linda’s Wedding in Villa le Corti

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Enrico and Linda’s Wedding in Villa le Corti

Here is the video trailer of  Enrico and Linda’s wedding:

Spectacular wedding that shows the happy union between Linda and Enrico, simple and elegant.
They successful transmitted wonderful sensation.
A perfect day coordinated by The Dolphin’s wedding that with their preparation of the event, made the place unique,
from the church of Santa Maria a Petroio on Vinci’s arounds, until the location of the Villa le Corti in San Casciano Val di Pesa Firenze.
The magic atmosphere that was in the air, from the very beginning, when Enrico arrived in Church and followed by the arrival  of
Linda in her beautiful white dress by Creazioni Imola from Empoli.
The ceremony, the throwing of the rise at the end, all followed by our cameras and our Drone to capture all the particulars that,
made the difference in the video.
Linda and Enrico thought of a nice way to cheer their guests, by offering drinks from the “Brindapino Van” that made everything perfect.



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