Christian and Margherita’s Wedding in Villa Sonnino, Tuscany

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Christian and Margherita’s Wedding in Villa Sonnino, Tuscany

Here is the Video Trailer of Christian and Margherita’s Wedding:

This video tells all the emotions felt by Margherita and Christian. From the preparation we noticed their sensitivity and joy to be arrived to the long-awaited day.
Through the editing of the video I tried to overwhelmingly represent the succession of events, also helped by the music that I chose carefully (ARTlist).
Their wedding day was characterized by different moments, changing of locations and lights, starting from their home using lights which seeped through the windows, to the majestic Chiesa Collegiata of San Giovanni Battista of Fucecchio where we utilized the words of Don Andrea in VoiceOver.
We are going on with the visit to Vinci (City of Genius) where the couple strolled through the characteristic alleys giving us the opportunity to film images in full reportage style, using effective backlights and sound effects given by a windy day.
We finished our shooting in Villa Sonnino in San Miniato.

Here are some shots of the wedding of Christian and Margherita….



Christian and Margherita, Populonia and the gulf of Baratti

Populonia, the ancient village has a dominant position above the gulf of Baratti, was the background of the marvelous day spent with the future bride and groom Christian and  Margherita.

The sparkling couple was carried away by the emotions experienced that day and are all captured in our photos and videos.

Spending some time with the future bride and groom it’s a fundamental part of our job.
By connecting with the couple we can accomplish our best during the wedding day.


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