Stefano and Benedetta in their winter Wedding

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Stefano and Benedetta in their winter Wedding.

Just on the day after Christmas, in a warm and sunny winter morning , that Stefano and Benedetta got married. The ceremony was celebrated in Empoli (Florence) city in the heart of Tuscany.
In the central church Collegiata Sant’Andrea in piazza Farinata degli Uberti.
Lots of friends and relatives assisted at the ceremony.
The video starts showing Stefano and Benedetta in a long walk on Lido di Camaiore’s beach place that they both love with their two adorable dogs.
We captured videos full of emotions and carelessness which distinguishes the switness of the couple.
A wedding that the couple cured in every single detail, and with their simplicity made the day unforgettable.
The party was held at Montecatini Terme in the beautiful location La Cascina, a very original place where the food was extraordinary and to entertain the guests, there was Daniel and Lisa Buralli, with their band.
To conclude the day a present for the guests an instant photo taken while the party was going on, appreciated by every body.



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